Build seamless
checkouts that convert

Optimized open source solutions for payments and account management. Choose your components and build a frictionless customer experience.

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Quickly deploy your purchase flow with optimized and ready-to-use components

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Optimized for conversion

A best-in-class checkout that maximizes the impact of acquisition strategies like free trials and coupons.

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Flexible & responsive

Built with React-friendly APIs for seamless viewing experiences on any device. Take the pain out of integrations.

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Variety of payment methods

Sign up more customers by offering them the payment methods they prefer. Remove payment constraints as a barrier to growth.  


Make every touchpoint better for longer,
happier customer relationships

The four modules of MediaStore SDK

MediaStoreSDK is an out of the box toolkit that lets you build highly customizable components for:

✓ Account creation
✓ Checkout
✓ User account environments and
✓ Viewer support

Use MediaStoreSDK to give your customers a modern, easy to use checkout flow. And an account hub that makes self-service easy.

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Smooth checkout every time,  everywhere

Customize your checkout experience. Adjust your branding colors and logo using components designed to convert on every device.


Let people pay they want with options they know and trust with Cleeng's payment API.


Use Cleeng's payment analytics to see exactly how customers use your checkout.

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Empower your subscribers

Retain your subscribers using Cleeng's incentives for win back campaigns. Let them control their plan, payment and account details in an intuitive and responsive My Account environment.

What's inside:


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Support your viewers anytime

Create a knowledge base, FAQ and predefined chat responses with an easy to integrate support tool.

If you are looking for personal customer care to create an even better platform for subscriber retention management - explore our Hi5 product.

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MediaStore SDK is an open source solution with complete API documentation. Follow our step by step guide and start using Cleeng right away.

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