Cleeng tools for coping
with COVID-19

Need to live stream events? Or want to set up your subscription service within days?

Local or global broadcasters, telcos, fitness clubs, Cleeng’s tools are available to help you quickly
set up the platform you need at this time.







Ready to use. Free to start.

Live Broadcasts

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Use if you want to:

  • Broadcast virtual classes or online 
    community events
  • Create a webinar or conference
  • Broadcast a spiritual, house of worship event or concert



Subscription services

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Use if you want to:

  • Create a fitness subscription video channel 
  • Offer content series like cooking classes 
    or educational content
  • Provide a large video catalog for a niche audience




How to set up a Live broadcast

Zasób 5@3x1. Sign into Cleeng
Don’t have an account? Sign up for free.

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2. Go to ‘My Offers’
Select create new live event to enter the setup process

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3. Create a new live event
Use the step-by-step live event setup wizard 
to add your event’s details

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4. Define your live event settings
Set a price or offer the event for free. Add your
video’s url, description and details.

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5. Share & promote your event page
You can share a link directly or promote via 
your social media channels.

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6. You’re all done!
Click ‘create’ and you are ready to go. Learn more about paid (live PPV) events and our fees here


How to set up a subscription service

Cleeng offers a variety of solutions with our partners. You can set up your subscription services within a couple of weeks with the joint solutions we built together with 24i and Brightcove (OTT Flow).

Launch your channel with children content, fitness courses, cooking classes or regional content offering - across multiple devices easily and with clear ROI.

Cleeng provides everything from managing the offer, retaining your subscribers, handling your customer care and much more.





Broadcast during COVID-19
Live and On-Demand Streaming

We scheduled interactive webinar sessions every working day in the next 3 months. Our experts will go through the process of creating live events and subscription offers, coupons and free trials. Tune in!





Select the right option for you

  Live Broadcast Subscription Service
Ready to launch in:  5 minutes 2 weeks
Best-in-class live event page, ready to publish  

Free for free offers. If your event is free, the solution is too.

Managing your first 1,500 subscribers is free.

Identity & access management for paid or private content
Flexible live or video offer pricing for paid content
Multilingual platform
Advanced financial & customer tracking analytics
Free trial and coupon campaign options
Viewer behaviour analytics  
Subscriber billing & offer management service  
24/7 end-user support, specialized in Live PPV and SVOD. 


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