Introducing ChurnIQ Segments

Automated subscriber marketing made simple.




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Flexible segment building

Dozens of lifecycle, payment and subscription attributes to build smart campaigns

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Put subscriber data to work

Choose from pre-built segments at every touchpoint designed to impact key performance metrics.

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Connect to your marketing platform

Automatically push segment to your marketing platform without a single line of code


Automate your subscriber marketing

engine yourself


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Subscriber messaging simplified

No more laboring over email lists. ChurnIQ Segments lets you easily define customer groups and connect them to your marketing tools:


 Huge subscriber attribute set

 Ready-to-use segments

 Integrated with your analytics

 Scheduled triggers for your campaigns

ChurnIQ Segments lets you focus on what sets your subscribers apart. So you can send the right message to the right subscribers - at the right time - and personalise your customer communication. 



Check out our practical guide to building subscriber segmentation strategies in OTT

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Build and track strategies for longer

customer relationships



Using ChurnIQ Segments and analytics together, you can easily track the impact of your campaigns. Choose your business goal, define a relevant segment, and then measure your success with ChurnIQ’s KPIs.


 Pick the business outcomes that matter most

 Define a relevant segment and action

 Choose your measurement KPI

 Evaluate and adjust your strategy

With ChurnIQ you can track and refine your strategy week-by-week until you have the results you want. Or you can build it once and let it run itself. 

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